An Arbor V student is special.  She’s a hands-on learner.  An independent thinker.  He thrives on challenge.  She uses her talents for the greater good.  Most importantly, his behavior and actions uphold the culture of respect we value so highly at Arbor V.

To be considered for admission, students must first meet the following requirements:

– Age: Must be between the ages of 5 and 14 by August 1st of the current school year.  The grade level equivalent to this is kindergarten through 8th grades.

– Habits: Must be able to follow directions in a developmentally-appropriate manner and manage himself/herself independently in the restroom.  As a school with an active, ongoing presence in the community, which includes frequent off-campus travel, exemplary behavioral skills are required for the safety of Arbor V students and staff.  Students may not currently have, or possess a history of, significant and/or repeated behavior issues as revealed during observation or feedback solicitation from current and past classroom teachers.

– Records: Must be up-to-date on all vaccinations and able to submit an official immunization record from a physician’s office.  Medical exemptions are the only exceptions Arbor V makes for this requirement.  In order to qualify for a medical exemption, parents/guardians must submit a Certificate of Medical Exemption completed and signed by a physician, APRN, PA, pharmacist, LHD administrator, or nurse designee prior to the child’s first day of school.

Admission to Arbor V is a three-step process:

1) The prospective family submits a completed Application for Enrollment to Arbor V.

2) If it is determined that the basic criteria for enrollment have been met, the prospective family meets with a member of the Arbor V staff for a combination conference/screening.  (There is no fee for this meeting.)  Parents are given the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about Arbor V, and the child is evaluated for school readiness by the staff member.  (Please see our Q & A page for an overview of our unique student screening process.)

3) The Arbor V faculty will determine whether the school seems to be an appropriate academic fit for the student.  If approved, the family will be offered an enrollment contract.  The completed document, along with a $150 deposit per student, is due within 7 days of its receipt.  This deposit is credited towards the first tuition payment of the school year.

Remember: An ideal school/home relationship is one that is mutually beneficial to both parties.  We’re proud of the perks Arbor V offers, but are very upfront about the fact that a small faculty can’t possibly serve every learning and/or behavioral need on the educational spectrum.  There may be instances in which a prospective student’s needs do not align with our skill set.  In these cases – regardless of how smart/kind/creative/etc. the student may be – we will recommend that the family seek a better educational fit elsewhere.  Your child deserves to learn in his/her ideal environment, be it Arbor V or another school.

2017-18 Tuition

Our flat-rate tuition covers the cost of instruction as well as technology fees and select educational supplementary offerings (such as YMCA memberships, registration fees for community events, etc.).

One child: $5,600

Two children: $5,600 (first child) + $5,040 (10% discount on second child’s tuition)

Three children or more: $5,600 (first child) + $5,040 (second child) + $4,480 (20% discount on third/fourth/etc. child’s tuition)

To receive a discount, children must be full, half, adopted, or step-siblings who share at least one common parent/guardian.

Payment options include paying in full (5% discount if paid by March 1st), a 10-month payment cycle (August-May), and a 12-month payment cycle (June-May

Access our online Application for Enrollment by clicking here.